"To me, natural living includes helping people live a life connected to nature and infused with spirit, to nourish body, mind and soul"

Georgina Langdale
Founder, Archeus


The things that make our soul sing


I place intuitive coaching, nature-based wisdom, spirituality and contemplative practices alongside developing and making natural products, and all draw on the healing power of nature. 

 Georgina Langdale
Founder of Archeus

"Keep doing the work you are doing Georgina. It's very precious"
- Thomas Moore, author Care of the Soul

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NatFem Botanics is made here in the Archeus Apothecary

See the range of beautiful botanical products created to support women through the menopause transition.


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    What customers say about the NatFem Botanics Range


    This [NatFem Super-Soothing Balm] is a fantastic product and does exactly what it says it will.
    I highly recommend it.


    Great product - highly recommend

    This product [NatFem Super-Soothing Balm] does exactly what it says and does it well. I have a lot of sensitivities and have had no problems with this. Highly recommend!


    The Real Deal

    You can feel that this [NatFem Original Balm] is a natural product that does what it says it does. Very happy with my purchase thank you.



    Are you ready to take the next step to turn your natural skincare creations into an eco-conscious, artisanal business?


    You've got a beautiful idea. You're itching to take it to the next stage and start creating your own artisan business that has an eco-consciousness that will help make the world a better place. But you need help!

    The Eco Artisan is your chance to learn  everything you need to know to build your business in a way that places nature at the heart of every decision you make. PLUS you will learn tips and tricks for your own sustainability (as well as the environment!)


    It would be impossible to ever plumb the depths of Georgina’s knowledge in natural healing and the ways of the universe; attending one of her courses is like diving into a vast and unfathomable ocean.  You will never be the same once you have done a course with Georgina and one course will never be enough.


    Soul Aligned Purpose

    One on One
    Vision Planning Workshop


    We get to a point in our 40s or 50s where we start questioning everything and asking ourselves,
    "Who am I really?" "What do I want my future to look like?".
    This powerfully transformational offering will take you from feeling stuck and like you just don't fit in the career or life path you have now, to finding clarity, inspiration and vision to align your next life, business or career move with your deeper soul purpose.

    This is a One on One offering delivered in-person at the Centre for Nature Connection or via Zoom

    Learn More



    "You really were the sacred mirror for me, reflecting back to me my own processes, and growth, and power, and gifts. Your wisdom and your strength was a portal for me to be able to see my own. Something beautiful really occurred when your energy and my energy came together in a listening and a seeing and a sharing. And I hold that kind of sacred connection very, very dear. So I wanted to say thank you very much." 


    "Working with Georgina was an absolute joy. I learned techniques from her that aided me as I navigated doctors appointments and surgeries. Her connection with Nature, and her uninhibited ability to teach others how to do so in meaningful ways, is a great gift. I highly recommend working with Georgina."

    I had never realised the full power of the energetic connection we can have with nature


    Phillipa Harper

    "The Natural Carer EOL Certificate graduate

    Georgina’s course, The Natural Carer, is bringing back what once was understood and helping us find our own place in this life. At times it was confronting, but by the finish it had taken me to a place where I felt all aspects on the path towards death and dying were covered within the warm embrace of nature and Georgina with her support and gentle guidance, as well as the meeting of an amazing group of like-minded people.

    The course was more than just practical in its content; it tapped into the natural connection that we have so easily lost but we have all around us and reconnected us to this. It also helped in my own preparedness for the inevitable."


    Being Here for those we love is a gift from the heart

    Go from feeling scared of facing death, unsure of how to talk about the big stuff and feeling disconnected from the people and places you love the most... to accepting death as a natural part of all our lives, having the confidence to talk about the things that matters and knowing ways to care for others, and yourself, with heartfelt compassion.

    The Being Here Series of online courses, resources, live training, community and connections to help you navigate life, and the end of life. This offering is for anyone wishing to transform how we show up for others in the final part of life's journey. 


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