Something extraordinary happens when you deepen your connection to nature


You can find peace...
even through the tough stuff

The healing power of Nature is powerful medicine


Find inspiration

Immerse yourself in ancient knowledge of a life more connected to the rhythms and wisdom of nature


Generate resilience

Learn how to work with Nature (even from a distance) to help you better navigate the highs and lows of life

Nourish your soul
Create a relationship with the natural world that truly nourishes your soul and enables you to care for yourself and others in ways you never thought possible

Experience the way Nature-based care supports Life Transitions


This has offered me a way that I could contribute at the time of my loved one's passing, removing the feeling of helplessness, offering a way for me to be connected to my loved one and it acknowledges the importance of our connections to each other, and our connection to nature. And you reminded me that I am a little bit magic, that we all are. Thank you, Thank you.” - Kristen

Placing Nature, Compassion  & Soul

at the heart of caring for People.


Research shows that connecting to Nature can make a significant impact on health and wellbeing. We have seen first-hand how our coaching clients and students have benefited physically, emotionally and spiritually as they learn how to reset and deepen their connection with Nature. 

 Modern life has got so disconnected from nature and seeing ourselves as separate to nature has contributed to many of the problems we face today.

But we can change that.

Here at the Centre for Nature Connections we focus on providing and teaching nature-based ways of caring for ourselves and others. This is soul work, this is compassionate care.

Living within the rhythms and wisdom of Nature we can see the whole and natural cycle of life more clearly. In doing so we can navigate living, and dying with grace and compassion. By deepening your relationship with the healing power of nature you can help yourself, and others, in ways you may never have thought possible. 


Be the Change you want in this World


Build a better world


For natural skincare brands, aromatherapists, soapmakers and herbalists, Beauty Business Nature is a course unlike any other. Not only does it contain a wealth of practical and inspiring information to help you build your natural skincare business, but it is also packed full of information and tools to help you understand and manage your business impacts on the environment - from the raw ingredients you choose, to the packaging you put it in.

Available now


Create a quantum connection to nature

Immerse yourself in the world of plant energetics and inspiring how we can work with the unique energy of plants for our care and wellbeing.

Course now available online and to study at your own pace.


Available now


A renaissance reading for modern times 

Drawing upon renaissance philosophy, astrology, and plant wisdom, we will explore the planetary influences in your chart. We'll unlock the possibility and potential that planetary resonances, plant allies and places in Nature bring to the way you navigate life, love, work and creativity.

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"You really were the sacred mirror for me, reflecting back to me my own processes, and growth, and power, and gifts. Your wisdom and your strength was a portal for me to be able to see my own. Something beautiful really occurred when your energy and my energy came together in a listening and a seeing and a sharing. And I hold that kind of sacred connection very, very dear. So I wanted to say thank you very much." 


"Working with Georgina was an absolute joy. I learned techniques from her that aided me as I navigated doctors appointments and surgeries. Her connection with Nature, and her uninhibited ability to teach others how to do so in meaningful ways, is a great gift. I highly recommend working with Georgina."

Are you dealing with health & life changes that are impacting you or a loved one?


Have situations changed for you and now you find yourself being cared for, or being a caregiver?


Do you want to train in compassionate and nature-based End of Life Care? Are you a health professional suffering from burnout and looking for self-care?


Phillipa Harper

"The Natural Carer EOL Certificate graduate

Georgina’s course, The Natural Carer, is bringing back what once was understood and helping us find our own place in this life. At times it was confronting, but by the finish it had taken me to a place where I felt all aspects on the path towards death and dying were covered within the warm embrace of nature and Georgina with her support and gentle guidance, as well as the meeting of an amazing group of like-minded people.

The course was more than just practical in its content; it tapped into the natural connection that we have so easily lost but we have all around us and reconnected us to this. It also helped in my own preparedness for the inevitable."

The Natural Carer

12 week certificate programme
for End-of-Life Coaching and Doula training 

For end of life coaches and doulas

Nature, Compassion and Soul are at the heart of this very special twelve week certificate training for carers, health professionals and death doulas seeking to expand ways to offer care and support to others as they navigate the end-of-life. This training is transformational for carer and patient alike.

Learn More

The next course starts in:

The next course will be starting on Monday 10 January. Enrolments will open 1 November.

Jackie Butler

The Natural Carer EOL course is having an unexpected and wonderful effect on my life. Thank you! x

Caring for yourself - Caring for others


Caring for body and soul

 Step onto a path of ancient knowledge, plant wisdom and ritual-making to help restore death to its natural and sacred place in life.

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A truly transformational nature-based approach to tapping into your true potential. The power of community shines in our group coaching, while 1:1 coaching is for those wanting to go the extra mile.

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Handcrafted from Nature

You can place orders for our range of exquisitely handcrafted plant essences, elixirs and selected items for care in life and in death.  

See the range

"The way you have cared for family and friends at the end of life by gently linking them to nature, has been profound. As a nurse I have seen just how special it is for everyone in the room and I love your anointing oils and essences."

Olivia, RN

Helping women through the menopause transition

In addition to the plant essences available on this site, I have a range of products to help women through menopause. The products are all made by me under my Archeus label, The range is called NATFEM and it has its own website (because who knew how hard it can be to talk about end of life care and vaginal dryness in the same breath!). 

Go to the NatFem Site

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Who you’re meant to be

Inspired by the renaissance 'physician of the soul', Marsilio Ficin and the profound way he saw our in relationship with nature and cosmos, this eight week programme will lead you on a journey of self-discovery where you step into who you’re meant to be with confidence and the wisdom of the ancients.  


Made from Nature 

See our range of Archeus handcrafted plant essences, elixirs and essential oils and selected handcrafted items for End of Life Care


"I used quintessence elixir blend for me and for the care of my father as he was dying. It felt so calming and I feel like it let him go , yet deepened our connection at an energetic level at the same time. A beautiful elixir for a tender time."

Tanya, NZ

For me, Nature is the greatest Teacher of all

I have a vision of a world in which we have reset and rebuilt our relationship with Nature and we live in a way that is woven with nature, compassion and soul. A world in which we return to acknowledging ourselves as part of Nature and not separate from it.

Through this reconnection I believe that great healing can occur as nature  is a wise teacher and powerful medicine for the soul.

I've seen and experienced this, in the way nature has supported people in life and in death and it truly changes everything, giving ways to heal trauma, care with compassion and grief open-heartedly.

By caring for, and reconnecting to nature we have the ability to improve human and environmental health and wellbeing and hand a better world onto future generations.

Georgina Langdale
Founder of The Centre for Nature Connection
& creator of Archeus products


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