Something extraordinary happens when you deepen your connection to nature


You can find peace...
even through the tough stuff


Deepening your relationship with the healing power of nature enables you to care for yourself, and others, in truly healing and beautiful ways.

Here at the Centre for Nature Connection we offer in-person and online therapies that are all inspired by Nature.

Research shows that connecting to Nature can make a significant impact on health and wellbeing. We have seen first-hand how our clients and students have benefited physically, emotionally and spiritually as they learn how to reset and deepen their connection with Nature. 

Living within the rhythms and wisdom of Nature we can see the whole natural cycle of life more clearly. And in doing so we can navigate all stages of life with grace, love and compassion.


Reclaiming the Compassionate Heart:

Creating Nature Inspired Online Ceremony to Help Heal Difficult Endings



Whether a life has ended, a relationship is over, a friendship has become distant, endings can haunt us. But a time will come when we can look back and feel ready to heal. When that time comes, nature inspired ceremony and energy work can help us create a better farewell. 

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Wherever you are in the world, you can study with us here at the Centre for Nature Connection. We offer a range of courses to help you deepen your connection to nature and to the people you love. 

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Bringing You back to You

Sometimes we just need an extra intervention to bring vitality back to body and soul. FLOWpresso® is a breakthrough non-invasive natural therapy that delivers a 3-in-1 sensory treatment to restore the natural biological balance enhancing your mental and physical well-being.

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Be Truly Seen

Our guidance programmes and renaissance readings help you navigate life with wonder and see yourself, as the ancients did, in right relationship with nature and cosmos.

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"You really were the sacred mirror for me, reflecting back to me my own processes, and growth, and power, and gifts. Your wisdom and your strength was a portal for me to be able to see my own. Something beautiful really occurred when your energy and my energy came together in a listening and a seeing and a sharing. And I hold that kind of sacred connection very, very dear. So I wanted to say thank you very much." 


"Working with Georgina was an absolute joy. I learned techniques from her that aided me as I navigated doctors appointments and surgeries. Her connection with Nature, and her uninhibited ability to teach others how to do so in meaningful ways, is a great gift. I highly recommend working with Georgina."

"The way you have cared for family and friends at the end of life by gently linking them to nature, has been profound. As a nurse I have seen just how special it is for everyone in the room and I love your anointing oils and essences."

Olivia, RN

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The Soul Garden Podcast

"I used quintessence elixir blend for me and for the care of my father as he was dying. It felt so calming and I feel like it let him go , yet deepened our connection at an energetic level at the same time. A beautiful elixir for a tender time."

Tanya, NZ

The Natural Carer Course

starts 1 February 2022


Transform navigating your own life in these troubled times, while also learning ways to deepen the way you can care for others.

"If only everyone would do this work, the world would certainly be a different place." - Rebecca, Natural Carer graduate

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I have a vision of a world in which we have reset and rebuilt our relationship with Nature and we live in a way that is woven with nature, compassion and soul. A world in which we return to acknowledging ourselves as part of Nature and not separate from it.

Through this reconnection I believe that great healing can occur as nature  is a wise teacher and powerful medicine for the soul.

By caring for, and reconnecting to nature we have the ability to improve human and environmental health and wellbeing and hand a better world onto future generations.

Georgina Langdale

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