The Garden Composes

Apr 20, 2022
piano keys and a garden


You plant a seed. You grow a garden. It is beautiful. The flowers rise up and bloom and fade away. The seasons turn and there is always the greening green. Then the brown and then the cold, and then the spring.

You are happy in your garden. You see what it births into being, and it always surprises you.

"gardens aren't just botanic, they have a song of their own" - Georgina Langdale

Over the years my garden has been a place for solitude, for home life, for strangers coming together in ceremony, for making medicine, and for radiating an energetic connection between landscape and soul. And I love it for that.

But gardens aren't just botanic, they have a song of their own, and one day a dear and talented friend of mine, Andrew Martin, came to my garden when I lived on five acres in Poraiti, near Napier. He captured its song. So much beauty. So much joy.

Since ancient times there has always been a connection between music, landscape, nature and cosmos. Each planet has its own note, each tree its own hum, each place its own music.

Thank you Andy, and thankyou for making it available to be enjoyed on Spotify, as it means I can share it with others here. :-)


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