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eol care Jul 07, 2021

"This course is having an unexpected and wonderful effect on my life. Thank you. - Jackie"

How do we show up for the people we love when they need us most? How do we help give them the space to be truly heard? How do we ask the questions to help them be truly seen?

When my mother was dying, I didn’t know how to talk to her about the stuff that really mattered.

We were lost in a medical maze. I felt helpless.

Are you caring for someone with a life-limiting illness and feel that sense of helplessness too?

Are you a health professional suffering from burnout and looking for ways to care for yourself better while caring for others? Or an individual just wishing they could do more to help care for a loved one?

Maybe you have a sense that deepening connection to the healing power of nature can play a huge role in shaping how we can care for others, in helping us care for the whole of the person, and for the soul of a person, but you need help making these ideas real?

Since my mother died I have been on an odyssey exploring the ways that throughout history and across cultures, mindfulness, compassion and nature connection have enabled us to care for ourselves, others and our world by transforming suffering, building resilience and deepening our capacity for caring for others in a deep and soulful way.

Here at the Centre for Nature Connection we offer a thought-provoking and transformational 12-week online programme called The Natural Carer in which we draw together these ideas to help people caring for people at the end of life.

We delve deep into compassionate and contemplative care, we look at how nature, art, music can feed the soul and provide comfort for carers and patients alike. We draw on ancient wisdom and we look at the practicalities of the contemporary care context. We learn how to open up space and communication so that a person is able to express the things that really matter, and help others see the things that bring them comfort.

We bring death and dying back to its natural place in life and living. We see ourselves as part of Nature and supported by Nature, in life and after death.

Students have included hospice nurses, therapists, healers, people caring for loved ones at home, and people wishing to enter the growing field of end-of-life doulas and death midwifery.

The way you have cared for family and friends at the end of life by gently linking them to nature, has been profound. As a nurse I have seen just how special it is for everyone in the room" - Olivia

Enrolments are open for the next course starting on 25 August.


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