Caring for a Dying Pet

eol care Sep 19, 2021


How can we help our much loved pets as their end draws near? The bond between our animals can be so, so strong and so when the time comes that they are dying we want to be able to do all we can to support them through their last days, hours or moments of life.


Caring for our beloved pets at the end of their life is as important, as necessary, as heartbreaking and as beautiful as caring for the humans we love. We can also feel the same sense of helplessness and a deep desire to do everything we can to help them feel loved, feel comforted and feel seen, right to the very end.


A large part of my work is helping people navigate life - and the end of life. But it is not just our human loved one's that we grieve for. It is our animals too.


People have asked me how they can help their animals when they reach the end of their life. I decided to create this guided meditation to help draw people even closer to the creatures they love.


It is a way of working with energy and is a balm for human and animal alike. It may help you focus the ‘lovebeam’ on your pet as you support it in its last days.


This guided meditation is lovely to do with the animal with you, but you can also do it across distance. Energy is wonderful like that, it flows where you need it to go. The meditation starts at around 4 minutes in, but I encourage you to listen to the whole recording the first time through.


Georgina xx

The Centre for Nature Connection

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