Experience the Magic of Plant Essences

Jul 22, 2021

I've been working with plant essences now for a very, very long time. In fact, I've been working with the energetic connection that we can have with nature since I was a child. I discovered it after a traumatic event that somehow cracked open my universe. And from then on, I started to see energy in everything around me.

As that young child, I needed someone to help me through the tough stuff and it was the plants stepped up for me. By experiencing what happens when we build and develop an energetic connection with nature, I soon discovered just how incredibly healing that can be.

I've continued to work on work with plants, and my knowledge has gone deeper. I'm trained in herbal medicine, in energy healing and in perennial earth-based and shamanic traditions that show us how we can work with nature, how we connect to it through the year, and how we can work with it through the seasons.

I've created in-person and online plant essence courses and workshops because I want to share a whole lot of that knowledge. I want to help people really discover how wonderful this energetic connection to nature can be.

They are safe to use. They don’t contraindicate with other medications. They build bridges between us and the parts of nature that can help us. They don't cure, but they can help us 'be' with something. I think there is a big difference between cure and heal, and I believe that plant essences are really healing.

When I first started working with plant essences I was living in London and I remember a homeless guy I’d met through some volunteering work I was doing. He loved them because they helped him feel held and supported. He said he felt, "less lonely." He would go into the parks in central London, sit by a tree, take a drop of essence and feel even more connected to the natural world there. That experience for me really opened my eyes up to their amazing power to help us get through really tough stuff.

Since then I’ve used them for my own self-care, for helping others with confidence, release, forgiveness. I’ve worked with kids being bullied at school, and people on their deathbed. Each time plant essences show us how connected to and how held we are by the natural world.

Another reason why I love plant essences is because they are very, very sustainable to produce. They have an incredibly minimal, a ‘barely even there’ footprint on the environment. A few flowers can make essences that will help many people. I love that gentle touch that they have with the natural world around us.

In the two day workshop, the Alchemy of Plant Essences and plant energetics, we're going to look at a range of plants so you can really get to understand their character, their unique properties, their unique energetic profile, and how you can work with that knowledge and understanding.

We're going to look at ancient concepts around our connection with nature and how we can work with those in a contemporary setting. We’ll look at plants that can help us with confidence, with release, with courage and with things like grief.

It's really, really beautiful work. I'm just so excited about it. The other thing is that my workshop is set in gardens are here in Havelock North, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. You’ll get to meet a number of the plants that we're going to work with during the course of the workshop. You see, it's not just about learning things out of books. This is about really experiencing and connecting to the plants that we look at and work with through the course. And I think you'll really love it.

And finally, I want this to be a really special experience. I keep the workshops really small. This workshop is only limited to six people, so that we can have really good one-on-one time together, so that we build the small intimate group of community and shared experience.

So take a look at the details. If you want to book a place at the workshop, I encourage you to book it sooner rather than later, as these places are so limited. The online courses will be coming soon and you can put your name down on the waitlist to be among the first to know when they become open for enrolment. If you've got any other questions, also just drop me a line and I'll get back to you just as quickly as I can. I look forward to helping you deepen your connection to the healing power of nature.

Georgina x

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