Getting out of ‘stuckness’ and into Soul Purpose

Jul 01, 2022
sun breaking over hill

There’s no denying that the times we are living in are challenging. For many people I speak with, and witness on the endless stream of social media feeds, it seems that great uncertainty brings even greater questions. We start to wonder about the meaning of life, career, commitments. I think that people are starting to look deeper into themselves and the life around them to find ways to navigate through the stress and anxiety. And they are looking for ways to hold on to joy.

So much of our identity is wrapped up in what we do. But the past couple of years have shown us that people are really questioning this to. This is the age of the Great Resignation. Many of us are feeling like they don’t fit in the track they have been on, that they want to do something that really, really matters to them, to their being, to find the thing that gives their life meaning and purpose. Some ask, "What are we here for if we are not even giving ourselves a chance to live our soul truth?"

Many start to feel like they don’t fit in the track they have been on, that they want to do something that really, really matters to them

For many there comes a time in their career where everything looks fine, even successful, on the outside, yet on the inside they feel there is something more, something within them that they want to bring forward.

I think that is something pretty much all of us can relate to at some point in our lives.

For me, well I always felt like I didn’t quite fit in the corporate world I found myself in. That's not to say that I didn't believe in the work I was doing - I was lucky to work on some amazing projects over the years. But I just felt I didn't fit within the structures. I had a different view of life. I felt like I was swimming against the tide and really I just wanted to try and create a way of living and working in a way that felt aligned with my deeper more soulful and spiritual being Eventually I found the courage to break free of it and dedicate myself to the path I am on now. It's not always been easy but there have been a couple of key things that have definitely helped me along the way:

  1. A deeper connection to and observation of nature because it helps brings meaning, reveal patterns, provide opportunities for growth and decay. It inspires and nurtures and releases, and it helps make moments sacred.
  2. There is so much ancient wisdom that can help us navigate these challenging times. Over many, many years I’ve immersed myself in the teachings of mystics, philosophers, alchemists and poets, in myth and symbolism and ceremony and it has been so enriching. So illuminating. So inspiring.
  3. I set time aside for contemplation and journeying inward. And it is that time, that journey that has ultimately made possibility infinite, yet tangible.

These journeys, this wisdom has woven itself into everything I do, and I believe it can help hugely in those times of stuckness. It can help us find meaning and vision and bring clarity to the questions we ask ourselves about our own soul purpose.

The renaissance philosopher, physician and priest, Marsilio Ficino, called himself a 'physician of the soul'. In Book Three of his major work De Vita (Three Books on Life) he said the following:

"Every person has at birth one certain daemon, the guardian of his life, assigned by his own personal star, which helps him to that very task to which the celestials summoned him when he was born.

Hence there are two kinds of people who are unfortunate beyond the rest: those who, having professed to nothing, do nothing at all; others who subject themselves to a profession unsuited to their natural bent, contrary to their Genius."

Ficino urges us to find our star, to find our genius and then inhabit that place, and by doing so find our spirit refreshed and favor shining upon us. He's saying, "do what makes your soul sing."

There are ways we can turn our ships around, realign ourselves with our unique soul purpose. And we can do this in ways that don't necessarily require us to throw everything up in the air all at once. And we can be supported on this journey. And my latest offering might just help you on yours.

I genuinely want to help people with ways to support how we navigate through life and all its twists and turns and I think one way I can help is in creating the space and the tools to help people align things within themselves so that they feel that they are fulfilling their soul purpose. 

I joke with my dear friend A.T. Mann, the polymath astrologer, architect, healer and artist  based in Ithaca, NY, that when I work with people I am 'being Ficino.' I work with Ficino's ideas, and others to help clear a pathway through uncertainty to clarity. Until now I've done this quietly within my teaching and coaching, but now I think is an ideal time to bring it out in the open a little more. So my new offering is called Soul Aligned Purpose - vision planning workshop.

It’s a one-on-one deep dive into helping you explore your soul purpose and get vision, clarity and practical planning underway to help with getting unstuck. I love it! It's nature and wisdom and you all rolled together into a day, or a few hours on Zoom that you can truly call your own.

You can read about it here.

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