Finding Meaning - how plants can show us wonder and beauty in life

plant essences Jul 29, 2021

The deeper we look into nature, the more we understand everything better is a sentiment and sound advice offered by the physicist and (in my view) shaman, Albert Einstein.

Mullein and Gingko are two plants that have been reminding me of the messages we can find in Nature. They reflect wisdom and insight back to us.

In this video I explain how they help us see the way we communicate; the seeds of life experiences yet to be had. They show the decay in life and the seasons of life.

What are the metaphors, the meanings and the comfort we can draw from nature?

Eco-therapy, plant essences are just a couple of the myriad ways we can tap into the healing power of Nature and for those interested in these methods, I hope you will fin this video of interest as I break down the meaning and the messages behind these plants.

You can find more videos at my youtube channel here


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