The Memory Tree

plant essences Sep 12, 2021
I think of this tree as the 'Memory Tree'. It is Gingko and has the botanical name Gingko biloba - gingko of two lobes. In herbal medicine gingko can support brain function. It is a tree of memory. This greenness powers our thoughts. Its leaf is the shape of a lobe of the brain.
On my walk this morning this beautiful bursting, budding gingko biloba called to me to stand beneath it. It whispered, "In my greening, what new thought will come from old branches?" What is the new thinking we need to help address the issues in today's world? What is the old knowledge that new thinking can spring from?


"In my greening, what new thought will come from old branches?"

In the 12th Century, the abbess Hildegarde of Bingen spoke of Viriditas, of greenness and she said it was this green that was at the heart of everything. I smile as I think of green being the colour of the heart chakra. She spoke of us being with nature, not against it and that if we stepped out of resonance with nature, we would suffer because of it. She spoke of a time where our actions, if left unchecked, would lead to the seas rising and flooding cities. She was a shaman, a mystic, a seeress and her words ripple down the centuries to today.
Her idea of spirituality and healing was bound up in the greenness of nature and the energy that passes through all things: human, plant, gemstone and universe. She is a branch of the tree of knowledge: its ancient, timeless root and limb that with each turn of the wheel, invites us to rethink, reset, renew our ideas and our relationship to this world, and to each other.
While I have walked with Hildegarde's words and images, her music and her medicine for many years now, this gingko tree opening itself to the morning sun was, to me, an invitation to bathe anew in that viriditas, the brilliance of the green of new growth, new beginnings made beautiful with old knowledge. With remembering.
I remember the many ways nature has helped me heal as I stumble through life. She gives me life, green life and I give gratitude. Lest we forget, this tree, this Memory Tree can help us remember.

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