Soul Aligned Purpose

Vision Planning Workshop

This unique one on one offering will take you from feeling stuck and like you just don't fit in the career you have now, to finding clarity, inspiration and vision to align your next business or career move with your deeper soul purpose.

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"Georgina introduced me to alternate ways to see myself, powered by ancient understanding and practices deeply rooted in human experience, the experience of women and our human connection to nature."


A renaissance reading for modern times 

Want to be truly seen? Drawing upon renaissance philosophy, astrology, and plant wisdom, we will explore the planetary influences in your chart. Working with the wisdom of the 15th Century philosopher and 'physician of the soul' Marsilio Ficino, we'll unlock the possibility and potential that planetary resonances, plant allies and places in Nature bring to the way you navigate life, love, work and creativity.

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"You really were the sacred mirror for me, reflecting back to me my own processes, and growth, and power, and gifts. Your wisdom and your strength was a portal for me to be able to see my own. Something beautiful really occurred when your energy and my energy came together in a listening and a seeing and a sharing. And I hold that kind of sacred connection very, very dear. So I wanted to say thank you very much." 


Tapping into Possibility 

Our programme of 6 x 1:1 coaching sessions is designed to support you through circumstance and self-discovery  in a way that helps you to navigate your life with inspiration, wisdom and kindness.

We draw on contemporary research and ancient wisdom to help you find a place of nature-based wellness; and to help you find the strength, vitality and resilience that comes with integrating your whole being with the natural world.

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"Working with Georgina was an absolute joy. I learned techniques from her that aided me as I navigated doctors appointments and surgeries. Her connection with Nature, and her uninhibited ability to teach others how to do so in meaningful ways, is a great gift. I highly recommend working with Georgina."


Georgina Langdale is a member of the International Coaching Federation ICF, the Climate Change Coaching Alliance, International End-of-Life Doula Association. She is a shamanic practitioner and reiki master. 

The Soul Garden

Check out our podcast. It's where we explore the inner and outer workings of living in a connected world. Presented by Georgina Langdale and featuring inspirational guests from around the world.

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