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Caring for Others at the End of Life


The Natural Carer

For end of life coaches and doulas

Nature, Compassion and Soul are at the heart of this very special 24 week certificate training for carers, health professionals and death doulas seeking to expand ways to offer care and support to others as they navigate the end-of-life. This training is transformational for carer and patient alike.

Next course starts Feb 2022

The Big Love Care Kit

When someone we love is ill, we want to do all we can to support them, but sometimes we just get stuck and need help navigating our way through these times. The Big Love Care Kit is an invaluable resource that has been created for friends and families to help provide compassionate and inspiring non-medical care for a loved one when they need it most.

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Going Home : a complete Guide to Natural Death Care

Caring for body and soul after death. Step onto a path of ancient knowledge, plant wisdom and ritual-making to help restore death to its natural and sacred place in life. Self-paced online learning.

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Nature Connection


Create a quantum connection to nature

Immerse yourself in the world of plant energetics and inspiring how we can work with the unique energy of plants for our care and wellbeing.

Course now available online and to study at your own pace.


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Plant Essences In-person workshop

Learn how to work with plant energetics for self-care and wellbeing in a two-day workshop taking place in the Centre for Nature Connection and Archeus studio and gardens, located in Havelock North, Hawke's Bay.

Plant essences, also known as flower remedies help us deepen our relationship with nature and they step up to support our emotional life. They help us create a quantum, energetic connection with plant allies and are a beautiful form of nature-based care.

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The Healing Garden Series of Talks

The Healing Garden Talks explore the stories, growing habits and the ways in which a selection of my favourite garden plants can support your physical, spiritual, soul and environmental wellbeing.

In each lesson, I share information about different plants in my own healing garden, and also we will delve into the timeless knowledge of medieval and renaissance abbesses, physicians, philosophers and alchemists to illuminate the healing power of plants and the at-oneness we can find in our modern world.

Online and available at your own pace.

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Make Your Own 

All The Tools You Need To Build an
Eco-conscious Natural Skincare Business

Beauty Business Nature is a course unlike any other. It contains a wealth of practical and inspiring information to help you build your natural skincare business. But what makes it different is that it is packed full of information and tools to help you understand and manage your business impacts on the environment - from the raw ingredients you choose, to the packaging you put it in.

Online and available at your own pace.

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Make Your Own Natural Skincare

Hundreds of people have come to workshops at the original Archeus Apothecary in Hawke's Bay. Now Georgina has created this fun and information-filled course sharing her knowledge of how to make beautiful and effective natural skincare products. She also shares many of her own Archeus formulas so that you can make them for yourself.

 Online and available at your own pace.

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