The Natural Carer - helping you bring Nature, Compassion and Soul to Care at the End of Life

Profound transformation can occur when the healing power of nature is placed at the heart of the way we connect with, and care for others.

In looking at how to support people facing their own mortality,
this inspirational online training will teach you more about life
than you could imagine.

The Natural Carer Foundation training and Being Here Hub Waitlist 

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Developing confidence, skill, compassion and offering support for people caring for people

Offering training in nature-based approaches to end of life care since 2019, has shown me that there is a need for ongoing support of people who are caring for people as they navigate the end of life. The Natural Carer training has been offered as closed cohort training a few times a year, but this model is being adjusted to better fit the requests and needs of people, and will move from a cohort model with content dripped out over three months, to an instant access model (so you can get to the content you need to quickly) supported by ongoing teachings and support calls over 12 months. 

Nature, Compassion and Soul remain at the heart of this very special training and support hub for carers, health professionals and death doulas seeking to expand ways to offer care and support to others as they navigate the end-of-life.

Now I am offering The Natural Carer Training as a foundation course, with the added support of 12 months access to the Being Here Hub. This hub includes transformational Natural Carer non-medical training, coaching and communication skills, self-care, expert talks, coaching calls, online community, special offers on workshops, 1:1 coaching and other opportunities. 

Georgina x


Enhancing the way people can care for people

This training is suitable for:

End of Life doulas, hospice workers, health professionals


Coaches and therapists


Individuals caring for loved ones at home


Outcomes of The Natural Carer Approach


A profound transformation in how we approach the joy of our own life

Developing verbal and non-verbal communication techniques that help you deepen connections

Ability to work with ancient methods of nature connection

Increased confidence in holding space for difficult conversations

Confidence in creating ritual and special moments in difficult times

Helping people with practical advice on the paperwork needed for peace of mind

Understanding what happens during the dying process

Bringing a sense of nature connection into any care setting

Ability to craft natural products to support caregiving


Natural Carer graduate & palliative care nurse

 "I feel so blessed having had the amazing opportunity to do this course and absolutely recommend it to anyone. Whether in palliative care clinical practice, or navigating your own journey or the journey of a loved one, this course gives a wealth of information and thoughtful insights into a space not often talked about. Such a beautiful and well constructed course that I know I will refer back to in many years to come xx"

Cranial Sacral Therapist

"This course is having an unexpected and wonderful effect on my life. Thank you."

Helping in the best way we can

When someone is nearing the end of life, we want to help them in the best way we can. We want to be there for them. We want to know what to say, or how to be comfortable in the silence of unknowingness. We want to create connection.

Caring for someone at the end of life is one of the most profound things you will ever do. And it isn't always easy.  But it can be beautiful.

The Natural Carer training and Being Here Hub helps you find different ways of connecting and equips you with  ideas and methods that can transform the way we can care for others, and ourselves.

Soul, compassion and nature connection enable us to care for ourselves, others and our world by transforming relationships, communication and care in truly profound ways.


The Natural Carer Foundation Course includes:

The Caregiver

We look at the emerging roles of the doula and coaches in end-of-life care, but also examine how these skills can be incorporated into a range of roles that support people during this transition from family members and friends, to health professionals and hospice volunteers. 

Care of the Soul

We explore care of the soul through a range of viewpoints; from the Ancient Greeks, through to the renaissance, Buddhist concepts and on to contemporary times. This rich evocative work really deepens our relationship with the people and places around us.

The Power of Nature inspired Care

We connect fully to the healing power of nature and the ways we can work with it to support end-of-life care and self-care for carers. We explore Nature and Soul, Nature and the Senses and how life seen within the rhythms of Nature can help deepen care and peace at the end-of-life.

How to Talk about Death

We build our communication skills through a range of techniques that help us feel comfortable with silence, storytelling and asking the bold questions that help us explore the natural cycle of living and dying. We learn how to hold space for the person to be truly seen.

The Importance of Paperwork

How can we ensure that needs are being met? From Wills, Enduring Power of Attorney to Advance Care Directives, we look at the practical paperwork that can help bring clarity and reduce stress for family, health professionals and the dying person themselves. 

Working with Energy

We nourish the soul of caregiver and patient by exploring ways of connecting to Nature and to each other through simple energy and breathwork, and understanding the energetic signatures of people, plants and this planet we call home.

Creating Ritual

We explore the idea of ritual and different ways ritual can enhance space, connection and care before and after death. Rituals can be simple or elaborate, spiritual or non-spiritual but all can be created to reflect and respect the unique life of the individual and bring comfort to those who love them.

Supporting Grief

We look at grief and how we can work with soul, compassion and Nature to support anticipatory grief, and the bereaved. We also look at how caregivers can release their grief and stress and explore ways that nature can help ease the burdens from their shoulders.

Sacredness of Death Care

We take a deep dive into what happens after someone dies, how to care for a body naturally, how to arrange a home funeral and how funeral directors can support the final farewell. We look at Natural Burial requirements and the importance of ceremony when someone has died.

The Natural Carer Foundation training and Being Here Hub Waitlist 

Join the waitlist to be emailed as soon as doors open for this transformational course and hub. The next intake gets underway in September 2022

Helping Us Remember

"Thank you for leading us into this beautiful learning/remembering.
This course is so, so powerful. 
Thank you for creating this for the world." - Jennifer, USA

Registered Nurse

"The way we can care for family and friends at the end of life by gently linking them to nature, has been profound. As a nurse I have seen just how special it is for everyone in the room."

This course is medicine for the Soul - it's a calling

Nature, Compassion and Soul are at the heart of this very special training for carers, coaches, health professionals and death doulas seeking to expand the ways you can offer care and support to others as they navigate the end-of-life.

The techniques we learn have been used in private homes, hospices, hospitals and rest homes.

Working with people with a range of illnesses and conditions including dementia, cancer and Parkinsons and alongside health professionals, carers, families, funeral directors has influenced the creation of this training. As we care for people in life and after death, in turn, Nature cares for us.

There is much we can do to provide comfort and care at the end of life. This course helps you shift the care paradigm to one where we are truly caring for the whole person. This is powerful. This is Soul Work and this restores dying to its natural place in living.

Are you ready to answer the calling of the soul?

The Natural Carer

Nature, Compassion and Soul in Care at the End of Life

The room felt different

"I've been working in rest home care for many years now, but I have never experienced such a peaceful feeling as I did coming into the room in those last days as your father was dying.

The way you cared for him with plant essences, washing him with the beautiful hydrosols and oiling and anointing his body was something that I will never forget.”

- Ann, NZ

Charity Worker

“This has offered me a way that I could contribute at the time of my loved ones passing, removing the feeling of helplessness, offering a way for me to be connected to my loved one and it acknowledges the importance of our connections to each other, and our connection to nature. And you reminded me that we are all a little bit magic. Thank you, Thank you.”

I can’t recommend this life changing experience enough!

“Who would have thought that spending many hours in my own head thinking about my mortality, weeks in online learning immersed in death and talking to total strangers about dying would leave me feeling so uplifted and inspired. I have attended many courses and classes for different work opportunities, but nothing has ever resonated with me quite like this course. 

Georgina’s love for her craft shines through in the comprehensive and inspiring end of life Doula training ‘The Natural Carer’.  Georgina is incredibly down-to-earth and highly relatable, her knowledge is vast and her passion infectious. This coupled with the guest speakers invited in through the course work brought real depth of knowledge and experience, making the course dynamic and interesting. 

The course content is in-depth and varied and although there is a lot it didn’t feel overwhelming, and the pace of the course worked really well for me. Some days I was so involved and captivated, I was disappointed I had to stop to go to work.

I finished feeling confident, motivated, excited and most of all prepared to continue on my journey as an End-of-Life Doula. I truly felt safe knowing I was joining a big family of like-minded people who are in it for the greater good." 

- Steve Shaw, Natural Carer graduate

This is soul work

Being present with and for people as they are dying, including members of my own family, has taught me more about life and love that I ever thought possible.

These experiences have also shown me how unprepared we can be to face mortality, and the pain that can create for everyone in the room.

As I sat by mother after she died, I promised myself I would do all I can to help people be more equipped to navigate death and dying by giving them ways they can work with each other and with nature to create connection, improve communication and ultimately, to find peace.

I've now helped many people through this life transition. Opening up pathways of communication and connection between carer and patient. This has become a big part of the coaching services I provide.

I wanted to see the end of life from different perspectives and this has included working in the funeral sector to fully understand what happens, and what is possible in after-death care.


Nature, soul and the people I have connected with have all taught me a great deal and I love handing this knowledge on, but I also continue to study with teachers and institutions across the world, from palliative care experts, to shamanic practitioners, psychologists and Buddhist masters, past and present. This includes certification as a Death Doula and End-of-Life Coach with the Conscious Dying Institute, training with Zen Hospice Founder Frank Ostaseski, Joan Halifax, Dale Borglum, Sandra Ingerman, soul psychologist Thomas Moore and training in shamanic energy medicine with Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds. 

I am inspired and informed by extraordinary healers in history, including the 12th Century Abbess Hildegard von Bingen, Renaissance 'physician of the Soul' Marsilio Ficino, 16th Century luminary Paracelsus and contemporary thinkers and doers. Nature and the people who I have supported through the end-of-life transition have been the greatest teachers of all.

Helping people look deeper and deeper into how we reconnect with nature, compassion and soul underpins everything I do. It has become my life’s work.

Georgina x

The Natural Carer Foundation training and Being Here Hub Waitlist 

Join the waitlist to be emailed as soon as doors open for this transformational course and hub. The next intake gets underway in September 2022