Archeus Essence & Elixirs Sets 

Curated sets to making selection a breeze.

Plant Essences are vibrational therapy

Plant essences are a subtle yet powerful form of energy medicine and a beautiful way of finding allies and emotional support from the landscape – wherever you are.

Over the years we have seen the essences that people have been drawn to for certain situations and we have created these Archeus essence and elixir sets so that connecting to nature is  made even easier.


"To heal we must work with the Archeus, the vital force that flows through nature, us and the cosmos"

Paracelsus 1494-1541
renaissance physician, philosopher and alchemist, Paracelsus

Going with the Flow 

While these three sets can be used by anyone wishing to reset, release and rejuvenate, I have created them to complement FLOWpresso therapy. They can be used during and after sessions to bring in the natural plant allies that can add their vibrational medicine to treatments.

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Other Sets 

Curated sets of plant essences. Perfect for you, for your clients, or for someone you love.

NOTE ON SHIPPING FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: we ship internationally using NZ Courierpost. We have set the most economical shipping rate for tracked delivery in each region. It works out that the shipping cost for 3 essences or 12 essences is the same. So we recommend you keep that in mind as you order. If you have any questions send a message via the contact link here.