You can tap into oneness

Archeus plant essences and elixirs give you the power to touch the plants that heal you, wherever you are

Archeus Plant Essences 

These come in 10ml dropper bottles and are extracts of single plant species. Most of these essences are made from plants growing in the gardens of the Centre for Nature Connection. Some are growing in nearby forests. All are made in concert with the rhythms of the seasons and the transits of celestial bodies.

Short descriptions of each essence are below.

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Each essence comes in a 10ml bottle and contains plant extract, water and grape alcohol.

What are plant essences?

They are micro-dose subtle extracts of flowers and trees that work at an energetic level. Plant essences came into mainstream use in the 20th Century when a range was developed by the British doctor Edward Bach who saw how plant energetics could help counter negative states of emotion.

Plant essences are safe to take. Because they are working at an energetic level they are not affecting physiology and thus won’t interact with medication. Think of them working with energy and emotion, rather than the physical body.


How do you use them?

They can be used in a variety of ways and we offer in-depth courses into how to use them for self-care, treatment for others, and in end-of-life care:

  • Add a couple of drops to water and sip. You can make a blend of upto five essences.
  • You can apply directly under the tongue (taking care not to touch your mouth with the dropper).
  •  It is lovely to anoint chakra and pulse points with a drop of your chosen plant essence
  • Although they have no aroma they can be added to a diffuser (nice alongside essential oils)


Archeus Plant Essences


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