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Archeus plant essences and elixirs give you the power to touch the plants that heal you, wherever you are

Archeus Plant Essences 

These come in 10ml dropper bottles and are extracts of single plant species. Most of these essences are made from plants growing in the gardens of the Centre for Nature Connection. Some are growing in nearby forests. All are made in concert with the rhythms of the seasons and the transits of celestial bodies.

Short descriptions of each essence are below.

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Each essence comes in a 10ml bottle and contains plant extract, water and grape alcohol.

What are plant essences?

They are micro-dose subtle extracts of flowers and trees that work at an energetic level. Plant essences came into mainstream use in the 20th Century when a range was developed by the British doctor Edward Bach who saw how plant energetics could help counter negative states of emotion.

Plant essences are safe to take. Because they are working at an energetic level they are not affecting physiology and thus won’t interact with medication. Think of them working with energy and emotion, rather than the physical body.


How do you use them?

They can be used in a variety of ways and we offer in-depth courses into how to use them for self-care, treatment for others, and in end-of-life care:

  • Add a couple of drops to water and sip. You can make a blend of upto five essences.
  • You can apply directly under the tongue (taking care not to touch your mouth with the dropper).
  •  It is lovely to anoint chakra and pulse points with a drop of your chosen plant essence
  • Although they have no aroma they can be added to a diffuser (nice alongside essential oils)


Archeus Plant Essences


Botanical name: Aquilegia vulgaris
The name Aquilegia is derived from the Latin Aquila (an eagle) as the spurs of the flowers are said to resemble an eagle’s claws. Its other name, Columbine, comes from the Latin columba for a dove or a pigeon. I think of it as the Spirit Woman Remedy. This essence is about stepping into our wisdom, owning our stories, our sense of who we are in this world, and with that ownership and knowledge, we can step into a new day with profound inner wisdom and spiritual guidance.


Botanical name: Ocimum basilicum
Basil has a long history of use as a plant to help dispel melancholy and protect against the unknown. It is a herb of joy, calm and happiness. It helps us focus and prepare for new paths through life. It helps stop lovers quarrelling. It is also a beautiful herb to use at the end of life. It is often planted on graves and used as an incense in rituals for the dead. We love the energy that basil brings to a situation. It helps with focus and can act as a broom sweeping the path clear for you.

Bee Balm

Botanical name: Monarda fistulosa
When you nibble a bee balm leaf it is hot and peppery and gradually makes the tip of your tongue go numb. Bee Balm can help us keep our words in check. It reminds us to think first and speak later. Its numbing qualities are also of comfort when we do want to take the heat of a situation, to reduce our anger.


Botanical name: Borago officinalis
Borage is regarded as a medicine for melancholy. Feeling blue? Let Borage help you bring things back into balance again. This is a beautiful ally for ‘calming the aches and passions of the heart’.


Botanical name: Calendula officinalis
Beautiful Calendula. What a friend you are. In herbalism calendula is one of our favorites as it is so gentle yet so effective as an antibacterial and antiseptic agent. We see this energy extended into the plant essence derived from it. Its sunny disposition helps strengthen and comfort the heart.


Botanical name: Galium aparine
In herbal medicine, Cleavers is regarded as a specific herb for helping stimulate flow of lymph and thus the removal of toxins from the body. Cleavers plant essence can help you free yourself of negative thoughts, the angst of bad memories or the pain of heartbreak. Cleavers can, as per Buddhist thought, help you move through a painful experience, but enable you to not hold onto the suffering.


Botanical name: Taraxacum officinale
Have you ever noticed how dandelions seem to thrive everywhere, including the most barren and inhospitable places? In herbalism they are a primo herb for the digestive system and energetically we see this quality as helping you deal with past issues and renew your energy, stoke your furnace. We also see how this energy may be of support to you emotionally as you make your way back from illness to wellness. Tough little dandelion with its bright yellow face making the best of everything put in its way.

Evening Primrose

Botanical name: Oenothera biennis
Evening Primrose is associated with the feminine, its oil nourishes and its energetic properties provide a sense of grace and calm. Evening Primrose is not afraid to grow tall, to stand out in the crowd.  She grows all wavy and wonky and she just doesn't care! In fact she is positively jubilant. This also makes her a great remedy for body work because her energy is so deliciously free form. Sacred to the Goddess Freya, primrose in all its forms is said to increase beauty and attract love 


Botanical name: Foeniculum vulgare
In Ayurvedic medicine, fennel is used as a carminative - this means it helps calm the digestive system and reduce things like wind. Energetically we see fennel as a remedy for rage.

Flax - Harakeke

Botanical name: Phormium tenax
Flax or harakeke can help you with the stories you tell yourself about who you are. Harakeke’s energy can help us define and hold our own stories as sacred. Harakeke helps you get to the truth of your own wishes, dreams and desires and keep them safe. 


Botanical name: Crataegus monogyna
Hawthorn is a beautiful heart remedy and its leaves, flowers and fruit are all used. As an essence Hawthorn helps the heart, protecting it while also opening it to love, and we believe it helps you give out more love. It is also a great tree of courage.


Botanical name: Althea rosea
Hollyhocks signify home. They are the plants of gardens and front doors. The energy of hollyhocks helps one feel grounded, they give a sense of place and belonging. They are also a traditional remedy for menopause. New beginnings.


Botanical name: Houheria populnea
Houhere is also known as Lacebark. A member of the mallow family, this tree has a gentle quality to it and has been used traditionally as medicine for eyes and digestive tract. The lace-like inner bark is used for fine decorative weaving and in embroidery. Energetically its attributes of stitching and soothing supports the mothering in us. Houhere helps us find a gentle place within our relationships with others. If a child is leaving the nest, Houhere helps us let them go, knowing that the bonds are strong, and the love is cherished.

Jasmine (star)

Botanical name: Trachelospermum jasminoides
Star Jasmine is ruled by Venus and brings with it the ability to appreciate beauty, even in the darkest moments. She helps us rewrite the codes we live our lives by – changing those negative “I’m not good enough” mantras to something self-enhancing and uplifting, “I am pure potential and completely worthy of every good thing that comes to me.”

Kawa kawa

Botanical name: Macropiper excelsum
Kawa kawa is a beautiful tree, so full of healing and good will. Its energy can be very cleansing and healing. Like the way it grows, Kawa kawa helps you move from darkness into light. It is a wonderful energy to help lift the dark cloud of depression.


Botanical name: Sophora microphylla
Kowhai is a plant that helps us in transitions. It can help us move from place to place, from illness to wellness, from life into death. it can help us move on and it can help us grieve. It does not change a situation, but it can help us function within it. It really steps up for us when a situation in our life changes very suddenly and abruptly.


Botanical name: Lavandula angustifolia
Energetically lavender can help calm ragged emotions and bring a sense of piece to life. The name lavender comes from the latin 'lavare' or 'to wash'. Let it wash away your worries.


Botanical name: Althea officinalis
Beautiful mallow is used in herbal medicine to soothe, particularly the digestive tract, or babies’ gums as they are teething. Energetically, mallow can help you calm and recover after a shock, illness or other intervention and is also an ally as someone is approaching the end of life, soothing safe passage.


Botanical name: Leonurus cardiaca
Motherwort has long been known as a herb that calms the nerves and the heart. It’s a key herb for women as they journey through menopause. She is a powerful ally for women stepping into their own power. She is the herb of the woman who is owning her wisdom and stepping into her power.


Botanical name: Verbascum Thapsus
Mullein has a very strong grandmother energy. You can see her with her crown of flower stalks watching over her offspring on the hill below her. She is wise and her energy brings you that wisdom and that ability to speak with a clear voice and listen well.


Botanical name: Quercus alba
Oak is for the person who often appears strong and tough and like nothing can ever get them down. An Oak person is often depended upon by others for strength and guidance, and they never take the easy way out of any situation. This is the person who sacrifices for her family, or for the good of the company without complaint.


Botanical name: Olea europaea
Olives are a tree of peace and with their extraordinary age, they have seen much; the clash of kingdoms, the generations of families playing under their branches. Birth and death. In these troubled times I think something we all hope for is some peace in this world. What a gift that would be.

Plantain - Kopa kopa

Botanical name: Plantago major/lanceolata
Used in herbal wisdom to draw out poison from insect bites and stings and to heal wounds. As an energetic aid, plantain can help us heal from verbal disputes and altercations. It can help us to not be affected by nasty names and negative encounters. Plantain helps us release that which does not serve us, and to be strong in the face of adversity.


Botanical name: Rosa damascena
Rose makes powerful love-magic for oneself as well as for others. This is a beautiful energy for when you need to be reminded of the beauty you have inside and out.


Botanical name: Rosmarinus officinalis
Rosemary is a plant of clarity, focus, fidelity and remembrance. This is a great essence for busy minds. It helps keep you on track and focussed on the important stuff. We also think that its symbolism around fidelity also refers to the ability to back oneself, to be true to one-self and to believe in oneself. It also helps create a clear mind for receiving knowledge or the answer to a question. Long used in ritual and ceremony, rosemary is also perceived as enhancing sacredness.

Self Heal

Botanical name: Prunella vulgaris
Dear little Self-heal. You can mow it, cut it, dig it out and it still pops back unfazed and joyous in its purple blooms. This essence is perfect for those on the mend after illness, upset or grief. It helps you heal you. There is something joyous, charming and celebratory about its energy and its plucky determination to enjoy every moment of life.

Silver Birch

Botanical name: Betula alba
Known as 'the lady of of the woods' and as having a deep protective spirit. This is a tree of infinite grace and kindness. She offers protection, dappled shade, she watches over you. Her energy is strong without shouting. Her presence so visceral, yet without clamour. You touch her trunk and it is cool and mysterious. She helps us connect to Nature and to the divine feminine.

Stachys - woolly lamb's ear

Botanical name: Stachys byzantina
Stachys was used in ancient times as a wound dressing, particularly for wounds caused by iron weapons. It is also renowned for its calming influence on the nervous system. A common name for stachys is woolly lambs ear, and when you touch the soft furry leaves, you can see why. Energetically stachys can help us heal after trauma or abuse. Stachys can comfort a troubled mind. It can help us heal and move on. Its action is gentle – softness, soul-like. Beautiful.


Botanical name: Podocarpus totara
Totara is a magnificent tree with a deeply protective energy. Totara reminds us there is wisdom in stillness. You can find confidence in observation. Roots deep in the earth. Head with the stars. Totara sings low and deep. Earth hum. Comfort.


Botanical name: Viola odorata
Violets are intensely feminine plants. A traditional remedy for breasts and reproductive tract, they have been used to help break down lumps and cysts in these areas. They look after the mothering parts of our bodies and our psyche and so when our sense of self as a mother, as a woman is challenged, violet is there to help. They can represent the ideas and creativity we bring into this world. Violets are a symbolic plant for the death of a child – they help support the mother in her loss.

White Sage & Family

Botanical name: Salvia officinalis
White sage has been used traditionally as a plant of purification and cleansing. This essence is to help you move on from difficult times. It cleanses body and soul. It creates a pathway to the divine. It brings about a sense of calm and peace. It is the wise old sage.


Botanical name: Salix nigra
In Druid lore, willow is regarded as a guardian tree – it protects all that it touches. We see it holding riverbanks together, filtering water and creating cool shade in the heat of summer. Its bark contains salicylic acid which is what Asprin is derived from. Willow helps recovery after emotional pain. It helps us hold ourselves together. It’s a herb of communication, letting thoughts find clarity and it cools our troubled emotions.


Botanical name: Achillea millefolium
The three words I would use to sum up Yarrow are: Stop. Disperse. Eliminate. The 17th Century herbalist Nicholas Culpeper spoke of yarrow’s drying and binding qualities. Let is help you dry those tears. Yarrow staunching the flow of energy and spirit after an emotional or energetic wounding. It is as if Yarrow is stitching together tears and rips in our aura. I have used yarrow with work on the 3rd chakra, helping to stop the ‘leaking’ of vitality. If we are wounded in life and love’s battles, yarrow comes to our aid.

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We offer in-depth online and in-person training on how to use plant essences and how to dig deep into their healing power.

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