Dr. Tess Moeke Maxwell - Caring for Māori at the End of Life

In this episode of the The Soul Garden, Georgina Langdale is joined by Dr. Tess Moeke-Maxwell to discuss work being done to support Māori whānau (families) to provide care to adults and kaumātua (older people) at end of life.

In our discussion Tess talks about identity, dislocation from traditional customs and how we have to prepare our whanau and our health professionals for getting things right so we can all care better for family and individuals at the end of life.

We discuss the Pei Herenga study, its genesis and the inspiring website www.teipoaronui.co.nz that is a stunning outcome of the work done by so many.

Te Ipu Aronui celebrates  traditional methods of nurturing and caring, and the leadership that unites and strengthens whānau. The website also celebrates the inspiring ways that whānau adapt their tikanga (customs) to respond to their cultural preferences and needs.

My gratitude and thanks to Tess for this discussion.
Georgina Langdale

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Te Ipu Aronui - https://www.teipuaronui.co.nz/

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