Thomas Moore - Soul Therapy and the art of meaningful conversations at the end of life

In this episode of the Soul Garden I am joined by Thomas Moore, bestselling author, psychotherapist, former monk, and musician. Known for his international bestseller Care of the Soul, I first discovered the magic that is Thomas through his book The Planets Within, about the 15th century philosopher and ‘physician of the Soul’,  Marsilio Ficino.

In this interview we look at soul therapy through the lens of End of Life care. 

We contemplate the healing power of nature

The art of conversation

The beauty of music

And the inspiration of Ficino and the ancients.

Thomas Moore’s new book Soul Therapy – is published by Harper One and available in all good bookshops, online and as an audio CD version.

You can find his Soul Psychology course at

And you can find me, Georgina Langdale at