Circle of Life with guest Joanna Huriwai

Season #1

This week’s guest is Joanna Huriwai. Joanna is many things including: mother, friend, nurse, sister, midwife, rabble rouser and druid. In this episode Joanna and I explore things that bring meaning and comfort to our lives, especially in the face of a life-limiting illness.

I first met Joanna and her family when I was asked to spend time with them talking about end of life care. This meeting coincided with the druid Grove of the Summer Stars gathering for the Samhuinn festival which marks summer’s end. Our discussion explores family, relationships, love and the people and things that are important in our life. We talk about how our society has got so scared of death, yet it is a natural part of life. We talk about Tikanga Maori and contemporary care.

The Druid philosophy is inextricably linked with Nature and this connection to the natural world radiates through this discussion. If you are interested in finding out more about Druidry check out

If you are at the bedside of someone who is nearing the end of life you may find some ideas in this blog helpful.

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