The Soul Garden

The Soul Garden

Hosted by: Georgina Langdale

Hosted by Georgina Langdale - alchemist, plant whisperer, founder of the Centre for Nature Connection and creator of The Natural Carer training for care at the End of Life. The Soul Garden is where where we get to...


Conversation with a Funeral Director

In this episode of the Soul Garden, Georgina Langdale is joined by third generation funeral director, Terry Longley in a warm, thoughtful and informative discussion on what happens after someone dies. Statistics say...
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Watching for things said without words

Episode #5

 My name is Georgina Langdale and increasingly my work centres around providing care, support and training for end-of-life care.As we care for people, how deeply are we observing them? Digging beneath the diagnosis to...
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Ep.4 Rob McGowan - when the land is well, we are well

Season #1 Episode #4

Rob McGowan, or Pa Ropata as he is also known, is one of this country’s national living treasures. He has loved plants ever since he was old enough to grab one in his tiny fist. His fascination grew when he was given...
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Working with the Solar Eclipse on June 21

There is so much unrest and turmoil in the world right now, yet the natural world is also providing ways for us to make a positive change, to step up and be the change we wish to see in this world. This episode takes...
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Ep.02 Grief and The Wheel

Season #1 Episode #2

In this episode, Georgina Langdale looks at working with plant energy and the medicine wheel to help journey through grief.Working with the vibrational medicine of plant essences made in her organic gardens, Georgina...
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Grief & Connection with guest Karen Johnson

Season #1 Episode #1

How do we navigate the death of a loved one and the grief after they are gone? How do we navigate the death of normal in the face of Covid-19? Four Winds Light Body School teacher, Karen Johnson, joins me for a...
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