An Inside Look at The Natural Carer Training

16 week interactive online programme to help deepen the ways in which we can support those we love, and those who are in our care by exploring death as a natural part of life.

"This training has changed my life in so many positive and beautiful ways"
- Rebecca, Natural Carer graduate

Hosted by Georgina Langdale, founder of The Centre for Nature Connection


"Thank you for leading us into this beautiful learning/remembering. This course is so, so powerful. Thank you for creating this for the world."


Truly Transformational Training

The Natural Carer Training not only transforms the way you can care for others, but also the way you live your own life. Enrolments are now open for the course intake starting on 1 February 2022. Places are strictly limited.

In this talk I will tell you all about The Natural Carer training. You'll see how it is relevant to family members, health professionals including hospice staff, palliative care professionals, therapists and complementary  practitioners.

Signing up for new training is always a big decision. So I created this video overview to help answer questions you may have and to show you some of the content we will cover over the 16 weeks.

What I've learned from students who have gone through this training is that they set out to do it so they could feel confident about providing care for someone at the End of Life, but what they found was that the course also transformed they way their lived their own life. So in a way, this course is just as much a personal journey of transformation, as it is a methodology for caring for others.

And there's great healing in that.

Georgina Langdale

Learn How

Nature brings an added dimension to compassionate End of Life Care

Discover How

The Natural Carer Training will help you live your life with wonder

Explore How

We can help a person and their family navigate connection, communication and care at the End of LIfe

Discover more about this truly transformational course

This training is suitable for people from all walks of life. Past students have included nurses, hospice workers, coaches, complmentary therapists and family members wanting to make a difference to the lives of those they love. Places on the next intake of The Natural Carer Training Programme (starts 1 February 2022) are strictly limited. Find out more about the course here.


Overview of course with Georgina Langdale

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