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Natural living guide, earth medicine practitioner, green mystic


In 2013 I created my business Archeus through which I develop and make artisanal natural products for skin, body and soul. Over the years the Archeus remit has expanded into energy work, coaching, teaching and end of life care. I have won awards for my products and for my guidance work. For awhile I called my studio the Centre for Nature Connection, but after much wandering into sacred spaces for deeper learning of my own, I have returned to simply calling it Archeus again.

The word 'Archeus' was created by Paracelsus in the 16th Century. He said that to heal we must work with the Archeus, which is the vital force flowing through us, Nature and the universe.To me this is the key to living naturally.

I’ve worked with the healing power of nature for many years and it has taught me a great deal, but I have also continued to study and collaborate with teachers and institutions across the world, from the perfumer Mandy Aftel, to integrative health schools and palliative care experts, to astrologers such as A.T. Mann, shamanic practitioners including Alberto Villoldo and Buddhist masters. I am currently in seminary training with the Onespirit Interfaith Foundation in the UK. Demand for my own teaching work is now also growing internationally.

For many years I worked in the arts in the UK and was fortunate to connect with brilliant minds and formidable talent in music, art, literature, sculpture, dance, film and theatre. My love of Nature led me to work for Kew Gardens and the United Nations Environment Programme. My work has taken me around the world and enabled me to experience a myriad of different landscapes, people and cultural stories.

Nothing from these experiences is wasted. All is woven into my world view and my creative response to people, history and place.

Since 2011, I have lived and worked in New Zealand. The Archeus studio and apothecary is surrounded by organic gardens, which are the source of many of the ingredients used in these creations, and my life is shared with my husband and our beloved dog.

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Making natural products

Archeus started out in 2013 as a small business making natural skincare products, and walking the talk of the sustainablity, biodiversity and ecosystems work I had been doing with the influential TEEB Study at the UN.

Over time though this has evolved as people starting coming to the Archeus Apothecary asking if something could be made for their specific problem. I love caring for and helping others, and my range of products has been shaped by the people I serve.

Along the way Archeus has had some recognition for its efforts including being selected as a Finalist for Best New Premium Skincare Product in the Pure Beauty Global Awards and I was selected as a finalist for Sustainability Champion by the NZ Sustainable Business Network.

Our NatFem Botanics range for women going through menopause (and beyond) can be found here.

The word ‘Archeus’ was coined by Paracelsus in the early 1500’s and means:

“The vital force that connects us, Nature and the Universe.”

Deeply drawn to compassionate and healing work

Coaching, energy work and end of life support have grown to be a major part of my offerings at Archeus.

The entire approach here is holistic and so these offerings are complemented with FLOWpresso therapy at our studio in Havelock North.

My approach to helping people explore their own potential is a truly nature-inspired coaching model for individuals, leaders and organisations seeking to move beyond sustainability and old paradigms, to an inspiring, heart-centred and regenerative future.

I am a member of the International Coaching Federation ICF, the Climate Change Coaching Alliance, International End-of-Life Doula Association.

Thomas Moore
author Care of the Soul


"Keep doing the work you are doing Georgina. It's very precious"



Drawing on nature and cosmos

I have always been drawn to working with the healing power of nature since my childhood when a shamanic wounding occurred that helped me see and understand the energetic sense of oneness with all things. I became fascinated with the ways we have worked through time with nature to help us heal, to create ceremony, symbolism, mystery, magic and art.

When I first discovered the writings of Hildegard of Bingen, Marsilio Ficino and Paracelsus in my 20s, I felt like I had come home. Their words and the words of others before them, Avicenna, Pliny, Asclepius, Hippocrates, Plato and the hermetic works of Trismegistus felt completely familiar. They lit a flame in me and, while they have imbued all my work since launching Archeus in 2013.

Not only do I resonate in (to quote Ficino) ‘sympathetic vibration’ with many of their ideas, they also have given me the confidence to take their ideas forward in my own way, building on my own lived experience of connection to nature and cosmos.


Art takes many forms

I find that creative expression seeks to find its own form and whether I am working with aromas, plant materials, astrological patterns and chords, music, colour, paint, sculpture or built form, the desire to create and the approach to each creation is the same. My work is a love letter to our planet and the universe we orbit within. First and foremost I draw on the many years of expertise in working with nature for healing and for supporting the wellbeing of body and soul and express myself through the plants and their healing properties, astrological alignments, symbolism and signatum.

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Workshops & Online Training

Sharing knowledge is central to the Archeus ethos. I ran my first workshop at our original location in Poraiti back in 2015. Since then hundreds of people have attended public and private workshops. 

 Covid pushed some of this training online, but now in 2022 I am starting to programme in-person events again as well as online courses.

Topics include Eco-Business, Deep Purpose and Regenerative Leadership, End of Life Care, Herbalism for skincare, Plant Energetics.

I also am invited regularly to give talks and online events for other organisations including The Alchemist's Kitchen in New York.

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Supporting Ecological Projects

Archeus is a small business with a big heart and each year we do what we can to give funds to support ecological projects.

This has included giving funds and helping out in working bee's at the Argyll East primary school. Those kids are true eco warriors!

We have also donated to the Kew Gardens Millennium Seed Bank Project and Robert McGowan's Tiwaiwaka Project.

Jocelyn, USA


"I have to tell you that my daughter and I have loved your courses. You have truly blessed our souls and made our hearts sing. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, passion and love with us all. We are very lucky to have you in our lives."





"So blessed to be exposed to such a wealth of knowledge. Georgina you are just such a blessing."

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