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Founder of the Centre for Nature Connection, creator of Archeus products, and your guide through this wonderful deep dive into the ways Nature can help us heal

I learned early on that Nature can help us heal


For me, a traumatic childhood event was the catalyst that opened the door to the healing power of nature. In shamanism they say that the ones with the greatest ability to heal are those that have been wounded in some way. I am convinced that this event put me on the path I follow today.

I learned that nature can help us heal. Nature can help us recognise our blessings and let go of the things that do not serve us well. Nature is our ally, friend, confidant and has the power to turn life experiences into doorways to wisdom, compassion and empowerment.



"So blessed to be exposed to such a wealth of knowledge. Georgina you are just such a blessing."


Deeply drawn to compassionate and healing work

For over thirty years now I have been working with the concept of nature-based wellness of people, places and even economics. I’ve worked, studied and trained in end-of-life care, environmental science, herbalism, botany and nutrition and continually hone my skill as a coach, doula, reiki master, shamanic practitioner and ecopsychologist.

Over time people started coming to me as they faced major life transitions, changing states of health and circumstance, and also the end of life. I feel deeply drawn to this compassionate and healing work and I have to confess it is the work that I have done at the bedside of people dying, and in those moments after death, that has taught me so much about life. 

I responded by developing coaching and guidance offerings, as well as creating a range of Archeus plant essences to deepen connections to nature to enhance and support life journeys. I believe our connection to Nature is key to how we navigate life and death.  This has become a growing focus of my work, my service in this world.

Thomas Moore
author Care of the Soul


"Keep doing the work you are doing Georgina. It's very precious"


Nothing in life is wasted


I’ve worked with the healing power of nature for many years and it has taught me a great deal, but I have also continued to study with teachers and institutions across the world, from integrative health schools and palliative care experts, to shamanic practitioners and Buddhist masters. Demand for my own teaching work is now also growing internationally. I love taking my place in a long lineage of healers through time and in turn, handing that knowledge on.

Life's been pretty eventful so far, but there is a golden thread running through it. Whether working for the United Nations, in the arts, at Kew Gardens, as a funeral director, or caring for people in the latter stages of life, this ability to help people look deeper and deeper into how we reconnect with nature underpins everything I do. It has become my life’s work.

Wisdom of Ancients

What the past can teach us about navigating the present

Our health and wellbeing are inextricably linked to our relationship with Nature. The ancients knew it and worked with this wisdom across millennia. Research today also confirms this, the deeper we connect with the natural world, the better it is for our body, mind and soul.

After many years exploring, researching and working with some of these ancient concepts I believe there are numerous ways we can work with this knowledge to help reset our relationship with nature and in doing so, revitalize our own health and wellbeing. 

While I have trained and studied shamanic traditions from a range of cultures, my focus has been on European traditions and individuals, which is a reflection of my own British heritage, while also looking at the common threads that run through all earth-based practices and spirituality.



Ever curious to discover the concepts and healing approaches that can have a place in today’s world, my studies have taken me from the times of the Babylonians, Ptolemy, Plato and Hippocrates, through to medieval abbesses, druids, renaissance physicians and on to the present day.

By looking back; by digging under contemporary attitudes to find out how things used to be and why the western world got so unhooked from nature, we can create powerful ways to help people reconnect with nature through coaching, training courses and the development of natural products

Jocelyn, USA


"I have to tell you that my daughter and I have loved your courses. You have truly blessed our souls and made our hearts sing. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, passion and love with us all. We are very lucky to have you in our lives."



Tap into potential 

A Journey of Self-Reflection, a discovery of potential

Go on a path of self-reflection through shamanic practices, plant wisdom and planetary alliances to explore the uniqueness, and power, of your body, mind, soul and spirit.


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Create a quantum connection to nature

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In 2011, I moved from Europe to New Zealand and settled in beautiful Hawke’s Bay, established the Centre for Nature Connection and created my award-winning natural products business, Archeus. The word ‘Archeus’ dates back to the early 1500’s and means, “the vital force that connects us, Nature and the Universe.”

The Centre for Nature Connection is surrounded by gardens filled with plants chosen for their medicine, history and beauty. It is here you will find courses, coaching and products that gently guide and support you in all areas of life; emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual and practical.

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