The Archeus Apothecary

I combine my knowledge in herbalism and energy work to create and handcraft a range of natural products that help us tap into the healing power of Nature.


All our plant essences and blends are made from plants growing organically in our apothecary gardens, or in the nearby forest. Only a small among of plant material is needed, making them a very sustainable product. Flowers or other plant material is harvested in the early morning and added to a glass bowl of water positioned in the sun for a few hours. This is then strained and the plant material returned to the gardens as compost. A minimal amount of grape alcohol is added to preserve the Mother Stock. From this your remedy bottles are filled.

We plan our harvests with lunar and planetary transits and seasonal changes.

Single Plant Essences

Single essences are made from individual plant species that we gather in our organic gardens and nearby forests.

Each plant has its own therapeutic benefits and seasonal and planetary alliances. We have over 30 different plants to choose from in our range.

These are sold in 10ml amber glass dropper bottles.


Plant Elixir Blends

We enjoy working with the synergetic qualities of plants. We have created a range of elixirs, which are blends of single plant essences, carefully formulated to enhance the overall energetic qualities to ease different emotional states of being.

These are sold in 10ml amber glass dropper bottles.


Essence & Elixir Sets

We have curated sets of single essences and elixir blends. These come attractively packaged in a gift box with a handy information leaflet enclosed. The sets are curated thematically. There are also sets designed to complement FLOWpresso therapy.

These are sold in 10ml amber glass dropper bottles.

We can also prepare sets (max 5 units per set) to order.


Helping women through the menopause transition

NatFem Botanics is a range of products I have created specifically to help women through menopause and beyond.

Go to the NatFem Site

End of Life Care

We have a selection of lovingly handcrafted products to bring nature into end of life care. Our range includes limited edition handwoven, botanically infused shrouds; kits containing body washes, oils and essences, and a curated selection of plant essences and elixirs.

See the End of Life range here

Thank you

“Thank you for your plant essences and oils. To be able to care for our father in this way when he was in hospice meant so much to us.

I think he got a great sense of peace from it, and it made my sister and I feel like we were children again, gently massaging his feet with your oils. It felt so peaceful and I think we all gained something from the experience."

- John


The room felt different

"I've been working in rest home care for many years now, but I have never experienced such a peaceful feeling as I did coming into the room in those last days as your father was dying.

The way you cared for him with plant essences, washing him with the beautiful hydrosols and oiling and anointing his body was something that I will never forget.”

- Ann