Go deep into the energetic connections we can make with nature

Plant essences, also known as flower remedies help us deepen our relationship with nature and they step up to support our emotional life. They help us create a quantum, energetic connection with plant allies and are a beautiful form of nature-based care.

This course opens a door onto a new relationship with the natural world.

This is medicine for the Soul.


Searching for something deeper yet subtle?
Timeless yet transformative?



Plant essences are subtle extracts of flowers and trees that work at an energetic level. Plant essences came into mainstream use in the 20th Century when a range was developed by the British doctor Edward Bach who saw how plant energetics could help counter negative states of emotion.

Plant essences are safe to take. Because they are working at an energetic level they are not affecting physiology and thus won’t interact with medication. Think of them working with energy and emotion, rather than the physical body.

The Soul Alchemy of Plant Essences is a deep dive into the quantum connection we have with nature. All materials are available online and you can study at your own pace. This course will take you on a journey through the wisdom of ancients to the moment in time you are standing in right now. You will learn about the different aspects of plants from their therapeutic benefits, to their affinities with soul and spirit. You'll glimpse into the world of planetary connections, the medicine wheel and the resonances of plants signatures and chakras.



People who want to connect to Nature, or to help others connect to its soul medicine.



Natural skincare creators

End of Life carers



Beauty therapists 

Massage practitioners

Yoga teachers


Plant Essences are Soul Medicine for today's world

People are seeking a return to Nature and we need to manage this desire with ecological sustainability. This course draws on ancient wisdom and an understanding of today's world. Plant essences (also known as flower remedies) are kind to people, and to the planet. They are bridge builders between worlds and allies in troubled times.

Ecologically kind

Because plant essences work with energy, they require only very small amounts of plant material, making them a truly sustainable way of working with plant medicine in the 21st Century.

Safe to Use

Plant essences are NOT pharmacological. They work at an energetic level and so they do not contraindicate with medications and can be used by anyone.

Inspirational & Empowering

Plant essences invite us to deepen our relationship with nature and return to a sense of right relationship with this world

The Soul Alchemy of Plant Essences

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"“I had never realised the full power of the energetic connection we can have with nature”"


About your teacher


This course is a beautiful deep dive into the world of the energetics of plants and of soul.

You will have access to videos, downloadable materials, community discussion boards and a course that draws together the years of knowledge and direct experience Georgina has had with working with energy and the plant world.

  • What are plant essences

  • About Edward Bach - the modern father of plant essences

  • The differences between Plant Essences and Essential oils

  • How Plant essences are made

  • Understanding the Doctrine of Signatures

  • Signatures and Chakras

  • Deepening your connection to the plant world

  • The power of observation

  • Getting to Know a Plant

  • Discovering your inner landscapes

  • Nature and Life Visualisation

  • How to select & work with Plant Essences

  • Landscape and Art

  • Case studies and Exercises

  • Plant Essence Profiles

  • Resources and next steps

This course is a perfect salve for these difficult times. Experience and knowledge gained in this course can help you navigate life with a feeling of belonging and support.

The Soul Alchemy of Plant Essences

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