Soul Aligned Purpose

One on One
Vision Planning Workshop


We get to a point in our 40s or 50s where we start questioning everything and asking ourselves,
"Who am I really?" "What do I want my future to look like?".
This powerfully transformational offering will take you from feeling stuck and like you just don't fit in the career or life path you have now, to finding clarity, inspiration and vision to align your next life, business or career move with your deeper soul purpose.

This is a One on One offering delivered in-person at the Centre for Nature Connection or via Zoom.


Sometimes we just get stuck
and we need someone to help us move forward


Have you got a sense of what you may want to do from here, but you know that what you are doing now isn't quite it?

Do you wish that you could find a way to figure out what really matters to you, and how to make your next steps align with that? 

There comes a time when we get to that point in life, or in our career when we think, "Is this really it?" or that we wish we had the courage and clarity follow our dreams.

On the outside we might be looking like we are doing just fine, but on the inside we feel like we just don't fit anymore, that we want something more, more meaningful to us, to our soul, to our passion, to our calling.

We want to bring that sense of calling and vision out into the open and create a plan to make it real.

I can help you do that, and what's more, I can help you do that in a way that draws on the wisdom of ancients in a way that illuminates your soul purpose, and creates a practical pathway to get there.


"Keep doing the work you are doing Georgina. It's very precious"
- Thomas Moore, author Care of the Soul

Life can change in wonderful ways

For many years I had what looked like a successful career from the outside. I worked in New Zealand and Australia and Europe and this included running a cultural communications agency in London, working in media, and for the United Nations. The jobs were great and their missions were worthy, but deep down I never really felt like I fitted in. I realised that my soul wanted something more. When I started to respect that need and take steps to identify and fulfil that desire, my life started to change in wonderful ways.

I'm not saying it is all easy, but I am saying that as a woman in my mid-fifties, creating a life that is aligned with my soul purpose and vision has been the most liberating thing I have ever done.

So if you are wanting to explore your soul purpose and create an aligned vision for your future, I'd like to help you do just that.

Georgina x

How We Will Work Together


First up - the one thing I need to get clear from the start is that this is a one-on-one offering. No groups. Just you and me in a completely confidential, safe and sacred space. This space can be with me in-person at the Centre for Nature Connection, or via Zoom.

We're going to draw on the wisdom of ancients to start to get clear on the things that truly make your soul sing. Drawing upon the renaissance philosophy of Marsilio Ficino, astrology, and plant wisdom, we will explore the planetary influences in your birth chart. We'll unlock the possibility and potential that planetary resonances, plant allies and places in Nature bring to the way you navigate life, work and creativity. I will prepare this True Nature Reading in advance for you and then present it to you so that you can work with some of the insights as we get deeper into the work.

The next step is the Vision Planning and this is fun, and we're going to dive deeply into the things that light you up, that make your soul sing. I'm going to ask you a range of questions to help you free up your thinking, cast aside all the ego stuff and get into what truly matters at a soul level. 

What else? Well we are going to get some goals and some steps towards those goals on the board. This work isn't just about thinking, it's about helping you get on with the 'doing' too.

If part of your soul vision is to set up your own business, we'll explore who your customers are, what motivates them, your ethics and values and how they all resonate. We'll look at how you might deliver this business idea and some of the online and practical tools you'll need to do that.

And then, if you want my ongoing support you can always carry on as a coaching and guidance partnership. And I plan to be running some retreats and so you may find that this could be just thing to help you recharge, reset and re-enliven your soul purpose.


To live well and prosper, first know your natural bent, your star, your genius, and the place suitable to these; here live. Follow your natural profession." - Marsilio Ficino, 1433-1499

"Living in a way that fulfills our life purpose brings with it a feeling of depth, of knowing and of peace. The road we chose may not be always easy, there may be challenges, but there are also great rewards. We can feel the peace of soul purpose within us and, at the end, when we look back we are filled with a sense of knowing that we did what we came here to do."

- Georgina Langdale

The Session

This one on one Soul Aligned Purpose offering can be experienced either via zoom, or in-person at my studio, The Centre for Nature Connection.

The Centre for Nature Connection is set in our private gardens in Havelock North, and is a dedicated space for healing, guidance and working with the healing power of nature.

We will have a big table to work at, we can write on whiteboards, delve into books, find inspiration in the garden.

If you come to the Centre for Nature Connection for your session it will take place from 10am-4pm. We can schedule this for midweek or on a weekend. I'll even make you lunch!

If you are coming from out of the area, there are plenty of accommodation options nearby, plus wonderful wineries and sights in beautiful Hawke's Bay.

If you opt for Zoom, we will schedule 4 x 1.5 hour sessions.

To live well and prosper, first know your natural bent, your star, your genius, and the place suitable to these; here live. Follow your natural profession."

- Marsilio Ficino, 1433-1499


Frequently Asked Questions

Sacred Mirror

You really were the sacred mirror for me, reflecting back to me my own processes, and growth, and power, and gifts. Your wisdom and your strength was a portal for me to be able to see my own. So I wanted to say thank you very much. - Emily

Inspired, On Purpose & Powerful

Georgina led me on a beautiful journey of new information, insights, and unique connections that left me feeling inspired, on purpose, and powerful. From the moment we chatted, I felt comfortable, supported and knew that I was in good hands. - Brenna

Powered by Ancient Understanding

Georgina introduced me to alternate ways to see myself, powered by ancient understanding and practices deeply rooted in human experience, the experience of women and our human connection to nature. - Fiona

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