Turning your garden into a place of healing


Originally presented as a six week interactive course, The Healing Garden Talks explore the stories, growing habits and the ways in which a selection of my favourite garden plants can support your physical, spiritual, soul and environmental wellbeing.

  • Re-vision your garden as a sacred place of healing and contemplation.
  • Discover the ways we can work with Nature
  • Explore the unique character of plants

The Healing Garden Talks can help deepen your connection with the natural world, so that a garden is no longer just a place of pink flowers or white flowers, it becomes a community of care, contemplation and connection.

I believe that the more we know plants, the more we know ourselves.

In each lesson, I share information about different plants in my own healing garden, and also we will delve into the timeless knowledge of medieval and renaissance abbesses, physicians, philosophers and alchemists to illuminate the healing power of plants and the at-oneness we can find in our modern world.

 Georgina x


"I am LOVING these lessons!!  I'm really loving hearing about previous herbalists and botanists.  It is hugely inspiring and I feel I could immerse myself in learning about them and their teachings all day long ... forever lol!"

Talk One:

The Doctrine of Signatures

We explore the medieval concept of the doctrine of signatures and the ways it can deepen our relationship with plants and our garden.

We also take a look at lavender and its uses, energetic properties and growing tips.

Talk Two:

The Abbess in the Garden

Hildegard of Bingen was an abbess in the 12th Century in Germany - she was also a mystic, a healer, an artist and a musician. Her ideas resonate down through the ages and offer powerful insights into how we can reset our relationship to nature in the 21st Century.

We also look at two of her favourite plants: sage and rose.

Talk Three:

Let the Sun Shine in my Soul

Marsilio Ficino was one of the great philosophers of the renaissance. In this talk we discover this beautiful man's connection to nature and cosmos and how we worked with art, music, nature and the stars for healing and wellbeing.

We also look at two plants to ease melancholy: borage and calendula.

Talk Four:

Softly we Staunch the Flow

Maverick, iconoclast, alchemist and natural philosopher Paracelsus left an indelible mark on medicine and healing in the 16th century. His ideas are echoed by others from Samuel Hahneman to Albert Einstein.

We look at the fascinating stories of two common garden plants: Yarrow and woolly lamb's ear.

Talk Five:

The Deep Feminine

The stories of women and plants are entwined and in this talk we look at some lesser known but trailblazing women who gave their hearts to plants including Maude Grieve and Queen Charlotte.

We explore the deep feminine qualities of violet and evening primrose.

Talk Six:

Rhythms in Garden and Cosmos

In the last talk in this series we explore the rhythms and connections between our gardens and the cosmos. We look at concepts such as planting with the lunar calendar, and the planetary affinities with plants.

We end with one final plant, rosemary.


"This course has definitely changed the way I think about things when I'm gardening"

The Healing Garden Talks

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  • Six fascinating video presentations
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  • Discover extraordinary wisdom from previous ages
  • Learn about the healing power of common garden plants
  • Deepen your connection to Nature
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